Electric Trace Options

Use the Electric Tracing Options to determine how results are displayed and how the trace searches for phases and sources.

Select either the Simple or Advanced option for displaying results. The Advanced option will include complex edges and buffers, but the Simple option will display results much faster. Use the checkboxes below the radio buttons to select or deselect subsequent options.

Advanced only options: Draw Buffer and Hide the wait dialog options become enabled when you select the Advanced Trace Results option. Selecting the Hide the wait dialog checkbox will suppress the popup that appears after a user initiates an advanced trace. This popup offers the choice of cancelling the trace or showing simple results. Hiding the popup is useful if you require advanced results regardless of the time it will take to create them. 

ArcFM Trace Results Format: Select the format in which you'd like the results to be displayed. You can choose a different size (from 1-50) and color for edge features vs junction features. Select the Auto create selection checkbox to have all features of the trace appear in the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor. Select the Auto zoom to results to automatically zoom out (or in) to the extent of the trace. The Draw Buffer option allows you to add a halo color of your choice to trace with a radius based on the buffer size (1-50).

Protective Devices: Select the checkbox(es) of the device(s) to be included in a protective device trace (upstream or downstream).

NOTE: The ArcFM Electric Next Upstream Protective Device Trace does not respect the options under Protective Devices.

Phases: Choose a phase to be traced (for example, At least C) from the dropdown menu at the Phases field. The default value is Any. When the user selects an "At least" option, the trace ignores the presence of other phases. An "At least A" trace will include A, AB, AC, and ABC in its results. If the user selects "A," the trace will return results with only phase A. It will not return AB, ABC, etc. If "At least AB" is selected the results will include AB and ABC phases, but not A or B phases.

NOTE: Options in the Phases menu do not affect the Next Upstream Protective Device Trace and Isolation Protective Device Trace. These trace tasks always behave as if this menu's Any option is active (i.e., they trace all phases present on the selected feature).

Sources: Select the Locate Sources Using Feeder Manager checkbox if you want to identify sources as features that are related to CircuitSource objects. If you're running Feeder Manager 1.0 or 2.0, check this box. If the box is unchecked, Electric Trace Solvers will identify as sources any features that have Esri's AncillaryRole field set to Source. If this field does not exist or it is not set to Source on any feature, an empty results set is returned.

Trace Results: Select the "Display kVA by phase" checkbox to display a message box that shows the sum of the rated kVA (by phase) for all transformer units returned by the trace. If transformer units are not present, the rated kVA is calculated from the rated kVA values of the transformers. This option requires proper configuration as described in the Feeder Manager section of the Configuration Guide. If incorrectly configured, the kVA on all phases will be displayed as 0.0.

The remaining tabs are Esri functionality. Refer to ArcGIS for Desktop help for more information.

NOTE: The Auto create selection setting in the ArcFM Electric Trace Options dialog will override the Esri equivalent.
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