Perform Electric Trace

Before performing a trace, you will need to decide how you want to review the results as well as choose the phases to be traced. These options may be set using the Electric Traces toolbar.

  1. If you want to place barrier flags, use the barrier flags ( edge or junction) on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar.
    TIP: The Next Upstream Protective Device Trace and Isolation Protective Device Trace do not respect barrier flags.
  2. On the Electric Traces toolbar, select the trace you want to perform. Traces are described on the Electric Trace Tasks page.
  3. Click the feeder or conductor at the location where the trace should begin. The cursor snaps a trace start flag to the nearest junction within the snapping tolerance. If no junction is found, the cursor snaps to the nearest edge within the snapping tolerance. Once the flag is placed, the trace is automatically initiated. Results are returned according to the options set.
  4. You will receive a warning message if there are more than 10,000 features to be buffered (and buffering is enabled).
  5. You may clear the flags, results, and the buffer using the Clear button on the Electric Traces toolbar. This will NOT clear a selected set.

    Flow Arrows: ArcFM Feeder Manager and Electric Traces support displaying arrows to indicate the direction the electricity is flowing. To properly display the arrows, you will need to trace the feeders using the Trace All Feeders tool (ArcCatalog) or the Trace A Feeder tool (ArcCatalog or ArcMap). This needs to be done only once to enable the arrows. To turn on the arrows, display Esri's Utility Network Analyst toolbar and select Display Arrows from the Flow menu. When you perform an electric trace, the arrows are displayed on the map along with the results. Feeder Manager must be properly configured for this functionality to work.

    IMPORTANT: Flow direction information is saved with the version in which it was established. It will NOT be transferred to the parent version when posted.

    If you click the Set Flow Direction button on the Utility Network Analyst toolbar, the flow direction for Esri will be reset. If you want to return to the ArcFM flow direction, you will need to Trace All Feeders. ArcFM flow direction respects normally Open devices and phasing. Esri flow direction travels only from a designated source to a designated sink, which are not included in the ArcFM data model.

    By default, the symbology for indeterminate and uninitialized flow are the same. You may select Properties from the Flow menu to modify the symbology.

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