Designer Express Abandon Tool

Use the Express Abandon tool to mark a feature or a set of features to be abandoned. Before abandoning a section of pipe, you will need to isolate it using cut points. A cut point is a feature class designated by your Administrator with a specific model name. The Express Abandon tool traces the line to be abandoned and stops at any feature with the DFC_CUT_POINT model name assigned. Once the portion of line is isolated using cut points, it is abandoned and its symbology on the map is replaced with the symbology for the design feature that represents that abandoned pipe.

The Express Abandon tool requires the ArcFM Abandon tool be properly configured.

TIP: This procedure marks the design features and regular features you want to abandon. However, the features are not actually abandoned until after you run the commission tool.

To abandon a feature using the Express Abandon tool, you must have an express design open. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Place cut point features to isolate a specific portion of the line. If you do not know which design class feature to use as a cut point, contact your Administrator. In the sample data, the NonControllableFitting feature may be designated as a cut point. Use the Targets tab in the Attribute Editor to place the cut points.

  2. Select the Abandon  tool from the Designer Express toolbar. This changes the cursor to a green square.
  3. Click the area isolated by the cut points. This is the area to be abandoned. In the example below, the abandoned area is indicated by the blue line. The DFC symbology is set up to display differently than the regular features. If you view the DFC in the Attribute Editor, you'll see that its Work Function value is set to Abandoned (32).

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