Add the Export By Feeder geoprocessing tool to your toolbox

Because you cannot add a tool to an existing Esri toolbox, add the Export By Feeder GP tool to a new toolbox that you can access from ArcMap or ArcCatalog.

  1. Click Geoprocessing > ArcToolbox.
  2. Right-click ArcToolbox in the ArcToolbox pane and select Add Toolbox.
  3. At the top of the Add Toolbox window, click the New Toolbox icon.
  4. Name the new toolbox, select it, and click open.
  5. Locate and right-click the new toolbox in the ArcToolbox pane. Select Add > Tool.
  6. In the Add Tool window, check Export By Feeder tools. Click OK.
    • Before deleting a database to which you've exported tables using the Export By Feeder tool, you must delete all of its tables and feature classes. 

    • The Export By Feeder tool always runs in the foreground.

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