Modeling Sources and Subsources in Feeder Manager 2.0

Feeder Manager 2.0 does not support two ultimate sources on either side of a single subsource. Also, Feeder Manager 2.0 does not support a device or conductor being fed directly by an ultimate source from one direction and then being fed indirectly by that same ultimate source through a subsource from another direction. Subsources can be thought of as diodes, in that they should possess a single direction of flow.

To take advantage of Feeder Manager 2.0 support, a subsource cannot have more than two adjacent edges. This can have modeling implications for certain types of features. For example, your data may be configured to treat transformers as subsources. One of your transformer subtypes might be that of a distribution transformer. Distribution transformers commonly possess more than two adjacent edges. Feeder Manager 2.0 cannot correctly manage such a device, but can generate accurate data if you take care to more precisely model such a situation. For example, the following condition is not supported if the distribution transformer is a subsource:

However, with care taken to avoid more than two adjacent edges on a subsource, Feeder Manager 2.0 can correctly interpret the meaning and implications of the following:

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