Feeder Manager 2.0 Validation rules

Feeder Manager 2.0 contains a variety of new validation rules you can assign to ensure the correctness of your data. These validation rules work only with edge and junction features that participate in an electric geometric network configured for Feeder Manager 2.0.


A new QA/QC validation rule called Electric Loop Feature identifies whether a feature belongs to a loop. When you run QA/QC on one or more features, it sets the offending feature's Loop attribute to true in the Feeder Manager 2.0 joined data. This validation rule only considers energized edges and junctions


The Electric Multifeed Feature validation rule ensures that electric features are not fed by multiple sources. It finds features that have more than one feeder ID. It ignores tie devices.

De-energized features

The De-Energized Feature validation rule ensures that electric features belong to feeders. It finds features that lack a feeder ID.

Ignore QA/QC rules on certain features

If one of your feature classes is configured to use either the MultiFeeds or Loops QA/QC rule, but if you'd rather it not be applied to certain, individual features belonging to that class, you can set individual features to ignore this rule.

This can be accomplished via the currently selected set. In the Attribute Editor's Selection tab, right-click one or more features and select QA/QC Disable Options.

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