Feeder Manager 1.0

Feeder Manager 1.0 allows utility managers to determine the circuit to which a given piece of electrical equipment belongs (its power sources), and which of its electrical phases are energized on the primary side. A distribution circuit, or feeder, is a grouping of thousands of electrically connected devices and lengths of conductor. Some features in the circuit represent switching devices that may, depending upon their status, constitute a break in electrical continuity between features that would otherwise be connected.

Feeder Manager 1.0 writes Feeder ID and energized phase information to the ArcFM database in attribute fields of individual electrical features. It assigns the same Feeder ID to all features in an ArcFM database considered to belong to a particular electric distribution circuit. Feeder Manager 1.0 maintains information that indicates which electrical phases can reach the feature from the source of power. Once the circuit ID and energized phase information is assigned to ArcFM features, Feeder Manager 1.0 uses autoupdaters to update information about circuit association or energized phases when changes are made to the network.

TIP: Energized Phases: Feeder Manager 1.0 defines "energized phases" as those phases that are continuous between a given device and its ultimate source. When determining an energized phase, Feeder Manager 1.0 does not consider the switch status or the phase designation value on the device.

Users can generate a circuit map, locate all features or tie devices associated with a feeder, select features belonging to a particular feeder or group, and show feeder information graphically in a map display (loops, islands, and double feeds or extra feeds).

Feeder Manager is available in both ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer. Some Feeder Manager functionality requires editing and is not available in ArcFM Viewer. Functionality available in ArcFM (and not in ArcFM Viewer) is noted below.

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