Group Parcels

The Group Parcels step organizes selected parcels into logical groups based on their front lot line. Design Optimization displays graphics at locations in which you might place optimized features. Because these are potential locations, design optimization may not replace every graphic with a feature.

 Aggregate Parcels: To group your selected parcels, click the Aggregate Parcels button. Design Optimization automatically groups the selected parcels. The Optimize and Complete Secondary Circuits task will remain disabled until aggregation is complete. Should this tool encounter bad data that causes illogical grouping of parcels, the user will be presented with and error and the opportunity to remove several parcels before retrying aggregation.

TIP: You can add additional parcels to the existing group by selecting the desired parcels and rerunning Group Parcels. See Select Parcels for further information on adding parcels to the selected set.

 Redraw Front Lot Line: When a parcel has two potential front lot lines or if Designer cannot determine the actual frontage, Design Optimization chooses one based on specific rules. Despite its analysis, Design Optimization may not choose the frontage you want. In this case, you may use the Redraw Front Lot Line tool to specify the correct front lot line. Click this button, then click the map where the front lot line begins. The tool draws a line that follows the lot line. Click where the front lot line ends. You cannot draw an invalid front lot line with this tool. The optimizer will then consider only the frontage you specified.

 Modify Aggregation: If you want to modify the grouping, use the Modify Aggregation button. This tool allows you to move a parcel from one group to another. In the example above the different groups are designated by color. The example displays two groups (teal, pink). To move a parcel from one group to another, click the Modify Aggregation tool. Next, click the parcel you want to move, then click a parcel that resides in the group to which you want to move the parcel. The color of the parcel changes as well as the optimized feature locations. You cannot move a parcel into a group in which it will have back lot distribution using Design Optimization. Currently only front lot distribution is supported.

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