Locator Options

All Locators use the same options dialog. These settings let you determine how the results selection is handled. Select the Options button on the Locator Tool user interface.


  • Auto Zoom to Results: Automatically zooms to the set of found features. If the user clicks the Stop button before the search is complete, the Auto Zoom will NOT zoom to the found set.

  • Auto Add to Selection: Automatically selects the found set on the map and appends it to the Selection tab of the Attribute Viewer. If you click the Stop button before the search is complete, the found set will be selected. This field will be disabled if the layer you're searching is not selectable or is a table.

  • Use Case Sensitive Search: If this box is checked, the Locator Tool will select only those features that match the same case of the characters displayed in the attribute field. The box is unchecked by default. This option applies when using the ArcFM Display Field, Attribute Query or Object Query locators with an Oracle or File geodatabase.

  • Return Feeder Manager 2.0 Data: By default, joined data used by FM2.0 do not appear in the ArcFM Locator. The feeder information fields appear, but instead of data contain a 0 or Feeder Tracing Disabled message. This is due to the feeder tracing operations required when locating on features that participate in a network configured for FM2.0. 

If the performance cost of doing so is acceptable, you can enable the appearance and participation of FM2.0 joined data in the Locator. Simply check this box.

TIP: The Locator displays whatever feeder data currently reside in the FM2.0 cache. If the cache is currently populated with feeder data relevant to the Locate operation you're conducting, you see data in the FM2.0 fields even when the option to Return FM2.0 Data is turned off.

Do not attempt to use the ArcFM Locator to search based on feeder information fields. Instead, use the Find Feeder tool, which was designed expressly for that purpose.

  • Locate Threshold: Use this value to limit the number of features that can be returned. This can improve performance when executing a locate that returns a tremendous number of features. The default value is 50,000.

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