Multiple Feeds and Loops

The ArcFM Upstream and ArcFM Upstream Protective Device traces both trace electric lines toward their source. Multiple feeds and loops affect the results of these traces. This page defines multiple feeds and loops, and describes how the ArcFM trace tasks handle them.

Multiple Feeds

Features that have two potential sources of electricity are part of a multiple feed circuit. In Figure 1, the features are fed by two circuit source features. You can identify the multiple-feed situation by the affected features' Feeder Manager 2.0 fields. The Number of Feeders field displays 2 and Feeder IDs field lists both Feeder IDs affecting the switches.

The ArcFM Upstream and ArcFM Upstream Protective Device traces find one path for each circuit source that reaches the flagged edge feature. If the flag is placed on an edge that is a part of a Multiple Feed, the results will include multiple paths.


A loop occurs when a conductor feeds back into itself.

Loops can cause problems such as indeterminant flow with ArcMap's native tracing tools. However, ArcFM traces (upstream and downstream) utilize Feeder Manager to identify loops in the network. If any paths discovered by the ArcFM traces contain features belonging to an electrical loop, then all features in the loop will be included in the results.

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