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You may open a design that has already been created. When you have a design open, the Open Workflow Manager button on the Workflow Manager toolbar in ArcMap will be disabled. To open a design, you must access Workflow Manager through ArcMap.

Opening a design in Designer’s Workflow Manager:

  1. In ArcMap, ensure you are not currently editing.

  2. Click the Open Workflow Manager button on the Workflow Manager toolbar in ArcMap. This button will be disabled if you have a design open.

  3. Click the plus (+) symbol next to a work request (WR) to expand its contents and view its designs.

  4. Select a design and click the Open Design button. You can also double-click the selected design to open it in ArcMap.

Following the previous steps, Workflow Manager will open the selected design in ArcMap and start an edit session. The design and its compatible units (CUs) and work locations (WLs) appear on the Design tab of the Attribute Editor.

If you have populated the Facility ID field on the Location tab of the design's work request (see Work Request tabs), ArcMap will create a work request polygon around the feature and zoom to it. Every other time you open the design, the display will zoom to the last extent of the stored display associated with the design.

TIP: To easily expand trees on the Attribute Editor, select a node in the tree. Use the asterisk symbol (*) on the number pad of your keyboard to expand the tree and the number pad's minus symbol (-) to collapse it. The asterisk (Shift+8) and the minus on the main keyboard will not work. This functionality also works on the ToC tabs (such as the CUs tab).

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