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A design must be reconciled before it is posted. If you are using an Access database, the Reconcile button will remain disabled. The Post button is enabled when the design is in As-Built Editing. You may post a design in the Access environment without first reconciling. Several things happen when a design is posted.

  • The design's version is posted. The default is SDE.DEFAULT. An administrator may change this default.

  • The design's state becomes Verified.

  • The work request's state becomes Complete. The completed work request becomes an archive. It is stored along with the associated designs. An Administrator may view completed work requests and delete them.

Look for the Post Design button on the Workflow Manager toolbar in ArcMap or in Workflow Manager. The following conditions must be met in order for this button to be enabled.

  • The user must be logged in to ArcMap as SDE to post a design

  • Reconcile Design must have been executed

  • The Workflow Manager user must be an Approval Officer and the design's current owner

  • The design must have a status of As-Built Editing (i.e., the Approve and Begin Construction tasks must have been executed on it)

  • If you create one or more copies of a design within a single work folder using the Copy Design tool, the parent design becomes unavailable for posting.

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