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An express design must be reconciled before it is posted. Several things happen when an express design is posted.

  • The express design's version is posted. The default Target Version is SDE.DEFAULT. An administrator may change this default by changing the WMSDefaultParentVersion property in the Process Framework Administration tool.

    IMPORTANT: Posting to a version other than SDE.DEFAULT increases the chances of performance problems. While setting this version to something other than SDE.DEFAULT is respected by Designer Express (and Designer), Schneider Electric does not recommend doing so. This goes against the intent of the application, which promotes a flat design version structure to optimize performance.

  • The express design retains its current state (e.g., As-Built Editing).

  • The work request retains its current state (e.g., In Design).

Look for the Post Design button on the Designer Express Commissioning toolbar. The following conditions must be met in order for this button to be enabled.

  • Reconcile Express Design must have been executed.

  • The user must be the version's current owner.

  • The design must have a status of As-Built Editing.

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