Process Framework Overview

Process Framework provides the framework on which Session Manager and Workflow Manager are built. When opening Process Manager (Start menu > All Programs > ArcFM Solution > Process Framework > Process Manager), you will find two tabs in the left-side bar: Session Manager and Workflow Manager. With the correct licensing, you can access either application to manage sessions and designs.

Session Manager allows you to establish and enforce a specific version structure and user roles. Session Manager creates an edit session in which an editor may make edits to the geodatabase. After the edits are complete, the user forwards the session through an approval process. A session (and its associated version) may travel through the process several times before receiving approval and being posted to the geodatabase.

Workflow Manager allows you to create and track work requests and their associated designs. This tool also offers Work Management System (WMS) functionality that allows you to track the costs associated with a work request throughout its lifecycle. Workflow Manager requires a Designer license.

NOTE: You will not receive a confirmation message upon successfully posting to the database. If an error occurs, however, you will receive an error message:

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