The ArcFM Radial Edit Task allows the user to place several end points from a common start point with fewer clicks. The ArcFM Radial Edit Task is used with the Template tool.

To start, select ArcFM Radial Edit Task as the template's edit task to enable it when placing linear features with a single origination and several end points.

In the example below, you place several lines of secondary which originate from the same transformer to several different service points.

  1. If necessary, add the Edit Task and Target Layer tools to the Editor toolbar through the Customize dialog box.
  2. If necessary, start an Edit session.
  3. If necessary, select ArcFM Radial Edit Task as the Edit Task for the template. The end points (service points in this case) should have a value of n in the Place at Sketch Point(s) field. This ensures that a Service Point will be placed at the end of each Secondary Electric Line Segment.
  4. Add the template to the Targets tab and select it to be placed.
  5. Click the map at each point where a point feature will be placed. Click the origination point for the secondary only once. Clicks are numbered in the order they were placed in the example below.

    The ArcFM Radial Edit Task will place the secondary from the first point (1) to each of the end points (n) the user indicated (clicks 2-6). A service point will be placed at each end point (n).

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