Reassociate Separate Phases

To rejoin the phases of a conductor that have been split apart, you must first disassociate the conductor from the conduit and then reassociate it without splitting the phases. In the example below, the phases of conductor 52962 will be rejoined.

  1. On the map, select the conductor or cable and the conduit to which it is associated.
  2. On the Selection tab, Right-click the conductor and select Disassociate from Conduit.
  3. With the conductor and the conduit selected, right-click and choose Associate to a Conduit. Use the Ctrl key to select the conduit and conductor at the same time.
  4. In the ArcFM Conduit Association Editor, ensure the Place Phases checkbox is NOT selected and place the conductor in a duct or trench position.
  5. The Break into Phases button will become activated to enable you to break the newly placed cable or conductor into phases if necessary.

    Placed conductor displaying phases?

    Placed conductor without displaying phases:

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