Reject Design

An Approval Officer may reject a design in Workflow Manager. The Approval Officer must also be the current owner of the design.

  1. Select the design to be rejected.
  2. Click the Reject Design button.
  3. Select a Designer and click OK.

    The design's User Control window will show the Status field as In Design. If you own the work request, then it will remain visible in the My Work filter, but the design will be locked. If you do not own the work request, both the work request and the design are removed from your My Work filter. They may be viewed by selecting All Work.

    TIP: Text may be added to the map to guide the designer in completing the design. Text added to a design will be deleted automatically before the version is posted to the geodatabase. Use the Text tool on the Drawing toolbar. This functionality is not available with the standalone version of Workflow Manager.

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