Routing and Direction Tools

ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer provide various methods for locating and navigating to specific addresses on the map. The Routing and direction tools require the existence of an associated address locator (.loc). Each address locator MUST have a unique name. Instructions for creating address locators using ArcCatalog are available in the ArcGIS for Desktop Help.

Access Database: The address locator must reside in the same directory as the database in which it is used or in the Application Data directory (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Esri\Locators).

SDE Database: The address locator must be stored in the database. Locators stored locally are not supported for use with an SDE database.

IMPORTANT: If the map contains XY data, it must have the same spatial reference as the address locator. Use the Add XY Data window to specify a spatial reference. If the address locator and XY data have different spatial references, you will encounter errors using the ArcFM routing and direction tools.

The following image shows routing and direction tools:

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