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Map Production allows you to schedule map sets and map books to plot. You may schedule a plot by right-clicking a map book or map set in the ArcFM Map Book Editor or ArcFM Map Book Explorer and selecting Schedule Plot.

In ArcFM Map Book Editor, the Schedule Plot option will be disabled if the Apply button is enabled. Click Apply to accept any changes and enable this tool. Schedule Plot is also disabled if the selected map book contains no map sheets.

Only one map set can be scheduled at a time and ArcMap must be running until the plot has been completed. A confirmation screen will verify that a user wishes to delete a map book for which a plot is scheduled.

  1. If you create a new map book or map set, it must be saved before you can schedule it to plot. Ensure your map book has been saved.
  2. Right-click a map set or map book and select Schedule Plot.
  3. The Print dialog allows you to define the printer settings. You may choose a printer, change printer properties (Properties button), and set the number of copies printed. If the dimensions of your map book are larger than the paper to which it is plotted, you may elect to scale the map sheet to fit the printer paper or print at the current scale and expect that it will be clipped.

    NOTE: If you are plotting ArcFM Map Grids, the selected page template has a portrait orientation, and the Rotation Angle field is set to 90, the ArcFM Map Grids will be rotated.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Schedule Plot window, enter a start date and time.
  6. For maps with multiple pages, indicate the delay between printing each sheet.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Remember to keep ArcMap open so the map set or map book will be printed as scheduled.
    IMPORTANT: The page size in your Page Template or Document (visible in the Layout view) must correspond with the printer's page size. If the page size of your Page Template or Document is larger, the page will be clipped. It will not be tiled. To change the page size, view the Page Template or Document in the Layout view. Right-click it and select Page Setup (or select Page Setup from the ArcMap File menu). Change the Map Size to correspond to the Printer Page Size and resave the Page Template or Document.

    Map sheets that contain only features from the feature class that appears in the Layer field on the Maps tab (Map Grid, for example) and features that have been designated as invalid (see Configuring ArcFM Solution online help) will not be printed when you plot a map book.

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