Secondary Circuit Analysis Overview

To access Secondary Circuit Analysis, right-click a transformer, secondary line, or service point on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor and select Secondary Circuit Analysis or click the Secondary Circuit Analysis button on the Designer toolbar. 

IMPORTANT: Secondary Circuit Analysis requires a network. If a network does not exist, Secondary Circuit Analysis will not work correctly.

The Secondary Circuit Model shows a tree view of the circuit model (top) plus a detailed listing of service points in the circuit (bottom). You can perform and evaluate "what-if" scenarios from this screen:

  • Modify fields (such as Rated kVA, kVA load, and conductor type) in the properties windows. Right-click the feature and select Properties.

  • Add features (conductors, service points, and motors) to the circuit. Right-click a feature and select New.

  • Remove features from the circuit. Right-click the feature and select Remove.

In the example below, the transformer has been overloaded to 160%. The flaming transformer icon and red text alert the designer visually. The designer may want to modify the Rated kVA on the transformer to accommodate the service point loads. The Secondary Circuit Analysis tool is for analysis purposes only. Modifications made do NOT impact your map.

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