Selection Tab

The Selection tab displays all features you have currently selected in the map. You may select a feature in the list, and view or edit its attributes in the object editor.

Edit Attributes

You may view selected features on the Selection tab, but if you want to edit them you must have an edit session started. To edit attributes, select the feature in the tree and modify fields in the object editor below. A field value that has been modified is indicated with a blue field label. Click Update to save changes and return the field labels to black.

Edit Shape

You may edit the shape field of an existing feature when you have an edit session started. This allows you to move the feature to a new location or change the length of a linear feature. To do this, select the feature on the Selection tab and click the Shape field. This changes the shape field to look like this:

Click the Edit Shape button (with the pencil icon). This changes the cursor to the cross-hairs overlayed on a gray dot icon used to place features: . Using this cursor, click the position on the map at which you want to place the feature.

When you've finished placing the feature, the Shape field will appear with a blue label (to indicate it has been modified). If a field does not accept a Null value and no value is assigned, it is highlighted in yellow. Click Apply to save the change.

Disconnected Objects

The error message shown below indicates that the related feature class may not be connected to its data source. Look at the Display tab on the ToC and ensure all data layers are connected.

Disconnected data sources are indicated by a red exclamation mark next to the disconnected feature or object on the List By Source pane on the Table of Contents.

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