ArcFM Stored Items Manager

The ArcFM Stored Items Manager allows you to manage all page templates, stored displays and documents in a single user interface. To open the Stored Items Manager, click Stored Items Manager on the Stored Items pull-down menu .

The Stored Items Manager organizes stored items into three tabs: Page Templates, Stored Displays, Documents. Select the tab with the type of items you want to manage. Each tab allows you to rename, copy, paste, or delete items. You may also create new folders.

The up/down arrows above the Rename button allow you to re-order stored items and folders.

Rename: Select any node in the tree (folder or stored item) and click the Rename button to assign a new name. You may also right-click any item in the tree and select Rename. Enter a new name and press Enter on the keyboard to save it.

Copy/Paste: Select any node in the tree and click the Copy button (or right-click and select Copy) to copy that item. Select a folder and click the Paste button to paste the item into the selected folder. You may also right-click a folder and select Paste. The Paste tool remains disabled unless you have a folder selected.

Drag/Drop: You can drag a stored item from one folder to another to move it. Stored items cannot be moved from the System folder. When you drag/drop from this folder to another folder (outside the system folder), the stored item is copied.

New Folder: This tool allows you to create folders to organize your stored items. You must have a folder selected to enable this tool. You may also right-click a folder and select New Folder.

Delete: Select a stored item and click the Delete button (or right-click and select Delete) to delete the stored item from the database. You may also use the Delete key on your keyboard. You will be prompted to confirm deletion of items. Folders may not be deleted unless they contain no stored items.

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