ArcFM Stored Items Overview

The ArcFM Stored Items dropdown menu is available on the ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer toolbars and provides access to Page Templates, Stored Displays, and Documents from a single tabbed interface. These tools provide users with the functionality to access and manage stored items (e.g., stored displays, page templates, and documents).

  • Without sufficient database permissions, you receive an error when attempting to rename System Stored Display folders using the Stored Items Manager. If you require this permission, an administrator can grant you write access to the MM_SYSTEM_PACKAGES table.

  • If multiple users will be saving system stored items, then it is important that their clocks be synchronized. This ensures that locks are honored properly when determining who saved a system stored item last.

  • Each stored display and page template can contain only one data frame.

  • Note that if you save a stored display with custom map scales, these custom scales will not be visible when the stored display is opened in ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine.

  • Version information is not saved with stored displays.

  • If a customer's workflow adds layers containing features that participate in a geometric network, those layers must be present when opening a new stored display. This ensures that existing geometric networks are fully removed from the ESRI Utility Network Analyst.

  • We support stored displays with joins only if every join in the stored display is based upon a pre-existing relationship class.

TIP: Feeder Manager 2.0 Users: By default, when you open a stored display or map document, all layers containing features that participate in an electric geometric network configured for Feeder Manager 2.0 will automatically join with feeder information data in the plug-in data source. Joins existing prior to your use of Feeder Manager 2.0 are not affected by this process. In order to avoid the automatic joining of feeder layers each time you open a stored display, you should re-save your stored display after first opening it when using Feeder Manager 2.0.
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