Tracing Tab

Use the Tracing tab to determine the size of the buffer displayed around trace results. This tab is available in ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer options.

Select the Draw Buffer checkbox to turn on the buffer. If this checkbox is left unchecked, no buffer will be displayed with the trace results. Enter a value in the Buffer Distance field to determine the size of the buffer. This field is displayed in the same units as the map (feet, in the example).

Drawing a buffer on a large number of edges can take an extended period of time. You may set a threshold at which a warning is displayed and you may choose not to draw the buffer. Enter this value in the Threshold field. This value may not exceed 10,000. If the number of elements exceeds 10,000, the buffer will not be drawn.

ArcFM Viewer options include only the General, Attribute Viewer and Tracing tabs.

You may also use the Buffer Distance tool to modify the size of the buffer. The Draw Buffer checkbox on the Tracing Tab must be checked for the Buffer Distance tool to be enabled.

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