ArcFM Underground Facility Diagrams Toolbar

This toolbar provides the tools to create new underground facility diagrams as well as view and edit existing diagrams.

Launch Diagram Manager

Use this tool to either create a new diagram or view an existing one. You must have an editing session started to create a new underground facility diagram. This button will be disabled if the following layers are missing from the map: Floor, Wall, Duct Bank, Duct.

Close Diagram Manager

Click this button to dismiss the Diagram Manager window.

Navigate to Next Facility

Click this button, then click a conduit or duct bank to navigate to the next underground facility.

Navigate to Previous Facility

Click this button to navigate to the previous underground facility. This button will remain disabled until the Navigate to Next Facility button has been used.

Select Diagram

Click this button to select the current underground facility diagram. This is necessary when using the Save As Favorite tool.

Select Duct Bank

Click this button, then click a duct bank to select it. This is necessary when using the Save As Favorite tool. Use the Shift key to select multiple duct banks.

Create Map Grid

This tool allows you to create a map grid that encompasses the underground structure as well as your underground facility diagram. To enable this tool, you must have selected an underground structure that has a facility diagram created.

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