User Roles and Permissions

Workflow Manager provides default user roles with specific permissions assigned. These permissions allow the user with that role to view and edit designs within certain states and perform various transitions. Below is a list of the default user roles and the permissions assigned to each. Your system administrator may edit these permissions and assign user roles using the Process Framework Administration Tool.

WMS Account Representative: A user with this role may create a work request. Once a work request is created, it is in the Initialized state. When a Designer creates a design for the work request, the work request is considered In Design and is forwarded through the process flow along with the design.

Designer: A user with this role may view the work request if he is selected in the Designer field on the Work Request tab. A Designer may also create, edit, and submit designs for the work request.

Design Approval Officer: A user with this role may approve or reject designs submitted by a Designer. Once a design has been approved, the Approval Officer may reconcile and post it to the geodatabase.

WMS Administrator: A user with this role may delete designs and work requests from the system.

WMS Copy Design: A user with this role may use the Copy Design tool.

WMS Mobile Designer: A user with this role may edit designs in the field.

User roles are not built upon each other. Therefore, if a user requires permissions to create, edit, and approve designs, he would need to be assigned the Account Rep, Designer, and Approval Officer user roles. Creating additional roles may require customization. Please contact Schneider Electric for more information.

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