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This implementation gives you the ability to view and query data in the field. ArcFM tools such as the Locator tool, Identify tool and tracing tasks are available to View Only Mobile users. This implementation does NOT provide access to Session Manager, nor does it allow you to send Mobile packets to and from the Enterprise.

Configuration (refer to Mobile Configuration Guide): View Only

Required ArcFM Licenses in the Field: ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine or the ArcFM Viewer that works with ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (formerly ArcView)

Required Esri Licenses in the Field: ArcGIS Engine Runtime or ArcGIS for Desktop Basic

Field Databases: Backdrop, Login (optional)

View Only Mobile provides field users with the same view and query tools available in your ArcFM Viewer application. This implementation does not incorporate the use of packets of any sort. Data may not be sent to and from the enterprise.

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