Work Function Tool Use Case

In this example, we create a favorite to upgrade a single-phase transformer to a three-phase transformer using the Work Function Tool (WFT). This favorite achieves the following editing actions:

  • Upgrades and replaces the existing 25 kVA unit with a 50 kVA transformer unit.

  • Installs two new 50 kVA transformer units.

  • Updates the phase designation of the feature automatically to three phase (ABC).

First, we create a favorite on the CUs tab. Then add CUs by dragging and dropping. An editing session must be started to create a favorite.

  1. Add an Install 50 kVA Transformer Unit CU to the transformer feature.
  2. Add a Remove 25 kVA Transformer Unit CU to the Install 50 kVA Transformer Unit CU.
  3. Add two 50 kVA Transformer Unit CUs to the transformer feature.
  4. Define the Phase Designation field value as ABC for the favorite.
  5. Click Create to add the favorite to the TOC.
  6. End the editing session and save edits. This allows the favorite to be displayed in the WFT.

  7. Open a design.
  8. Select a feature on the map to be replaced. We use a transformer in the example.
  9. Open the Work Function tool and select Replace.
  10. To assign the favorite, select the transformer in the Feature(s) window.
  11. Launch the Browse function from either the Remove or Install window. Because the favorite was not assigned a Work Function, select None.

  12. When the user clicks OK, the selected feature is edited as follows:
    • The attributes of the ThreePhaseUpgrade GIS (in this case only one: PhaseDesignation= ABC) will be applied to the feature.

    • The name ThreePhaseUpgrade is applied to the feature.

    • The existing transformer unit is upgraded to 50 kVA, achieved by the Install and Remove CU.

    • Two new 50 kVA units are added to the transformer bank and will be created when the user finishes the WFT.

  13. Select feature(s) or CU(s) to modify attributes or site condition data. Users can only edit multiple CUs if they are assigned the same metadata editor. Metadata editors are assigned with the Object Info tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog.

  14. Click Apply to save changes. Click Next.
  15. Click Finish to add the CU(s) to the Design tab. The parent CU will have a Work Function of Replace, and the CU's symbology will change on the map to reflect a replace CU.
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