Using the Work Function Tool

The Work Function Tool (WFT) is used for removing, replacing, and upgrading features as part of a design scenario. It also provides in-place editing of features and site condition data, and allows CU assignment on multiple features simultaneously. Users can also use Favorites to achieve their Design goals. We have included a use case to illustrate how a favorite can be used in the work flow. You must have a design open to use the Work Function Tool. You may use Workflow Manager to open and manage designs.

Perform these steps before removing, replacing, or upgrading CUs.

  1. Open a design.
  2. On the map, select the features to be modified. The Work Function Tool allows you to remove, replace, or upgrade multiple features in different feature classes.
  3. On the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor, right-click the features and select Work Function Tool.
  4. The first screen provides general information about the Work Function Tool. You may elect to skip this screen each time by selecting the checkbox labeled “Skip this screen in the future.” Click Next to continue.
  5. You may choose to always have a specific action selected when you open this screen. To do this, select the action and select the checkbox labeled “Always start with this action.”
  6. Select an action: Remove, Replace, or Upgrade.


    When searching for CUs using the Work Function Tool, the following wildcards are respected: *, ?, #, [charlist]. If you have features named with these characters, you may experience difficulties locating them with this tool. For example, if you have a feature called *SupportStructure and perform a search for *Support, the search will locate all features that begin with "Support" and "*Support" will not be returned.

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