Workflow Manager Overview

Workflow Manager is a powerful tool to create and track work requests and their associated designs. This tool also offers Work Management System functionality that allows you to track the costs associated with a work request throughout its lifecycle. You can create multiple design options and compare and select a design based on cost estimates.

A user may create a work request and an associated design, then advance the design through the process flow until it is approved and constructed. Once the design has been constructed in the field, it may be updated with As-Built changes in Workflow Manager. This section provides a sample process flow that follows a design from its inception to completion.

Workflow Manager follows two default process flows to transition designs and work requests. The Design Process Flow determines the path of a design, and the Work Request Process Flow determines the path of a work request. The Process Framework Administration tool offers some customization to these process flows. Further customization requires code changes. For more information about customizing your Workflow Manager, contact Schneider Electric.

  • Process Flows:

Design Process Flow

Work Request Process Flow

Sample Process Flow

User Roles and Permissions

Database Connection Properties

Default User Names

Work Request Tabs

Design Tabs

Work Location Tabs

CU Tabs

Work Request Polygon

Locked Designs

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