XY Coordinates

This search method enables you to locate features by their location on the map. You define the X and Y coordinates of the point from where you want to begin the search. The Search Distance field enables you to determine how far from that point you would like the search to extend.

  1. Select the XY Coordinates from the Locator Tool drop-down.

  2. The XY Locator defaults to the X and Y coordinates at the center of the map view. It uses a Search Distance based on the width of your map view when in portrait view, and the height when in landscape view. As you pan and zoom in the map, the coordinates and distance will automatically adjust for the current map view.
  3. You can also use the XY Pointer tool to automatically populate the X and Y coordinate fields from the spot you click on the map. You can also set the X and Y coordinates manually to adjust the starting point.
  4. Type a Search Distance (in map units). The Locator tool finds features within the linear distance of the XY coordinates entered or selected on the map.
  5. Click the Options button to open the Locator Options dialog. Select Auto Zoom to Selection to automatically zoom to the found set of features. If you click the Stop button before the search is complete, the Auto Zoom does not zoom to the found set of features.
  6. In the Locator Options dialog, select Auto Add to Selection to automatically select the found set of features on the map and append the set to the Selection tab of the Attribute Viewer. If you click the Stop button before the search is complete, the found set is selected. This field is disabled if the layer you're searching is not selectable or is a table.
  7. Click Find or press Enter to initiate the search. Search results are displayed in the window below the search fields.
  8. You can click Clear to clear the search results.
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