Editing Options

The Editing tab allows you to modify various editing functions.


The "Prompt before deleting" checkbox allows you to determine whether or not there is a confirmation screen when the user deletes features. The checkbox is selected by default and users will see a confirmation screen before features are deleted. You may uncheck this box to remove the confirmation screen.

Cursor Symbolization

This option allows you to display the symbolization of a point feature as the user is placing it. This option works with point features ONLY.

In the following figure, cursor symbolization is disabled and the cursor displays the default symbol (the gray circle).

In the figure below, cursor symbolization is enabled and the cursor displays the symbology of the service point being placed (the yellow square). To enable cursor symbolization, select the Enable cursor symbolization checkbox.

The cursor symbolization options allow you to determine the scale at which cursor symbolization reverts to the default symbol (gray circle, seen in the first figure above). Select one of the following settings:

  • Zoomed out beyond reference scale: Cursor reverts to the default symbol (gray circle) when the user is zoomed out beyond the reference scale of the data frame being edited. This is the default setting.

  • Zoomed out beyond (minimum): Cursor reverts to the default symbol (gray circle) when the user is zoomed out beyond the scale indicated. Enter a scale when this setting is selected.

Features Tab

If your map contains features from multiple datasets, you may choose to group them by dataset on the Features tab. Select the Group items by dataset checkbox to group features into their respective datasets, shown in the figure below. This option is unchecked by default. If you are using a stored display that contains group layers, the group layers will be displayed individually like the datasets.

Structure Relate Search Tolerance

Use this option to set the search tolerance for the ArcFM Structure Relate autoupdater. For example, let’s say you type 25 as the tolerance. When placing a new transformer, if a support structure is found within the radial search tolerance of 25 feet, the ArcFM Structure Relate autoupdater fires to relate the transformer to the structure. If no structure is found within 25 feet, no relationship is created.

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