Add Features to Reports

Use the settings below to include your custom feature in specific reports. This topic does not include configuration for the Patch Panel Connection Report. You can configure one of two versions of the Patch Panel Connection Report: Flexible or Original.

View the Configure Fiber Manager Reports topic for additional report configuration details.

Glass Report

Add the following field names to linear features you want to appear in the Glass Report. The feature or object must be a linear (complex edge) object type which contains connectable objects and tracks length (e.g., FiberOpticCable).

TIP: Using this table
  • The Example Field Name, Data Type and Domain columns contain values entered when the feature is created. If using the worksheet, record these values in Table 5.

  • The Field Model Name column contains values entered in the ArcFM Properties Manager on the Field Model Names tab. If using the worksheet, record these values in Table 5.

Example Field Name

Data Type


Field Model Name


Long Integer





Fiber Overhead Underground






Schematic Reports

If you want the attributes of an object to be accessible in the Schematic reports, then create a field and assign it the field model name SCHEMATICEXPORTATTRIBUTE. Once the custom feature is configured, you must also configure (or reconfigure, it if it already exists) the schematic (circuit or splice) to add your custom feature.

IMPORTANT: When you assign the SCHEMATICEXPORTATTRIBUTE model name to a new field, you will need to edit the field's storage mode in ArcCatalog's Schematics Dataset Editor. Please refer to the SCHEMATICEXPORTATTRIBUTE topic for more information.

Example Field Name

Data Type

Field Model Name

Any field

Any, except date


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