Construct a Patch Panel Favorite

With the Cards attributed and ready to go, constructing the Patch Panel (which holds the cards) is a straightforward, drag-and-drop procedure. In this example, you create a Panel that contains the four Cards created previously. The four Cards are arranged in a single row, composing a Panel with ports 000 through 096.

  1. If necessary, prepare your workspace to create a new Patch Panel favorite:
    1. In ArcMap, apply a Stored Display that includes your fiber features.
    2. Start Editing.
    3. In the Table of Contents, click the Features pane.
    4. Navigate to the folder that will contain your fiber favorites, or if you do not have a favorite folder yet, right-click a desired location and choose Create Favorite Category.
  2. In the Table of Contents > Features pane, right-click the favorite folder and choose Create Favorite.

  3. In the Select a Target dialog, choose PP, which is short for Patch Panel, then click OK.
  4. Type a detailed Description, such as 4 Card Panel, Ports 000–096

  5. Populate the common fields for this Panel.
    IMPORTANT: Much like the Cards, this Panel favorite could be used repeatedly. Thus, you populate the common fields, but leave the unique fields empty. You populate the unique fields later when you create the final Patch Location favorite.
    1. Number of Card Rows: In this case, type 1 to indicate a single row of Cards.
    2. Number of Card Columns: In this case, type 4 to indicate there are 4 cards side-by-side along this Panel.
    3. Slot Orientation: For this Panel, they are Horizontal.
    4. Rack Sides: Type FB, which indicates you want to see both the Front and Back of this Panel when you run a Patch Panel Connection Report.

  6. Click Apply.
  7. In ArcMap, arrange the interface so that the Create Favorite dialog is near the Table of Contents. You are about to drag and drop your Cards from the Table of Contents into the Create Favorite dialog, so having them reasonably close simply makes this easier.
  8. In the Table of Contents > Features pane, expand the folder that contains all the Cards you created previously.
  9. Using your mouse and the Shift key, highlight all four cards.

  10. Drag and drop the highlighted Cards onto the F_PATCHPANELCARD relationship in the Create Favorite dialog.

  11. Click Create.
  12. Save the Patch Panel favorite.
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