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Some features in Fiber Manager have multiple levels of related objects. For example, a Patch Location contains Racks, which hold Panels, which hold Cards, which comprise Ports. It is prohibitively time-consuming to construct these relationships on the fly every time you need to sketch a Patch Location. Therefore, Fiber Manager, for all intents and purposes, requires the use of Favorites for these kinds of features. A Favorite is created once and saved for future use, with all the relationships ready to go and populated.

The following Fiber Manager features maintain multiple levels of related objects and should only be placed using Favorites:

  • FiberOpticCable

  • PatchLocation

  • Splitter

  • Device

You don’t have to stop with just these, though. You are encouraged to create Favorites for any commonly-used features. Favorites ensure data integrity and speed up the workflows for your users.

Getting Started: The sample data includes many examples of fiber Favorites. Due to schema differences between your data and the sample data, you might not be able to directly import the Favorite examples. However, you can always view them and see how they are constructed to give you a good starting point.

Further, the upcoming topics include step-by-step procedures to build a Patch Location, a Splitter housed inside a Splice Case, and a Fiber Optic Cable.

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