Create Splice Schematic Dataset

The following sections describe the procedure you must follow to create the schematics dataset necessary for splice schematics, how to create the initial splice schematic, and how to define default symbology for all splice schematics created by any user.

IMPORTANT: Only the owner of the database can create a schematic dataset.

Create the dataset

  1. In ArcCatalog, click Customize > Extensions and check the Schematics extension, if necessary. Click Close.
  2. Navigate to the Minerville sample geodatabase.
  3. Expand the Minerville geodatabase and locate the SpliceSchematics10 dataset.

  4. Right-click the SpliceSchematics10 dataset and select Export > To Geodatabase. The Export Schematic Dataset to Geodatabase dialog appears.

  5. For the Output Geodatabase or Schematic Dataset field, click Browse.


  6. In the Select Output Geodatabase or Schematic Dataset dialog, navigate to your output geodatabase and Select it.


  7. If selecting an enterprise geodatabase, log in as the owner of the Fiber dataset.
  8. Under Output Schematic Dataset Name, type the name for the new splice schematic dataset.

  9. Under the Output Activity section, check Definitions only.
  10. Check the box for Reattach to a different geodatabase.
  11. Click OK. Log in to the database again if necessary. The export process begins and a progress dialog appears.
  12. After the export process is complete, click Close.
  13. Still in ArcCatalog, navigate to the Output Geodatabase that just received the exported Schematic Dataset.
  14. Right-click the new dataset and select Edit. If it is not visible, right-click the geodatabase and select Refresh.

  15. If necessary, log in to the database again.
  16. In the Schematic Dataset Editor, click FiberSpliceDiagram in the left pane, and click the Properties tab in the right pane.

  17. In the Layout field select Splice Butterfly Diagram.
  18. In the Schematic Builder section, ensure the XML Builder radio button is selected.
  19. Click the Schematic Builder Properties button.
  20. In the Builder Properties window, if necessary type the following in the Generate and Update fields: Miner.Desktop.FiberManager.SpliceSchematic:

  21. In the Geometry Options section, leave Initialize links vertices unchecked.
  22. In the Miscellaneous section, check the Automatic schematic feature class creation box.
  23. Click OK.
  24. In the Schematic Dataset Editor, click Save.

  25. Close the Schematic Dataset Editor, and close ArcCatalog.

    IMPORTANT: After the creation of an initial schematic dataset, any user with DBO permissions can create a schematic dataset for circuit and splice schematics, or run the Fiber Trace Schematic Configuration tool. Once a  schematic dataset exists, a specific user must use ArcMap to generate the first schematic. This user must not only be the owner of the schematic dataset, but also have DBA permissions on the database. Only then can any user with Add, Delete, or Modify permissions generate schematic diagrams in ArcMap.

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