Create the First Splice Schematic Diagram

Once a schematic dataset exists, a specific user must use ArcMap to generate the first schematic diagram. This user must not only be the owner of the schematic dataset, but also have DBA permissions on the database. This is essential because only users with DBA permissions can automatically create the necessary objects and features in the schematic dataset. Only afterward can any user with Add, Delete, or Modify permissions generate schematic diagrams in ArcMap.

In order to create a splice schematic, you need a splice first, which means you also need at least two fiber optic cables.

  1. In ArcMap, apply a Fiber Manager Stored Display.
  2. Under Customize > Extensions, ensure the Schematics extension is checked, then click Close.
  3. If necessary, add the Schematic toolbar to the ArcMap interface.
  4. On the Schematic toolbar, click the Generate New Schematic Diagram button to open the New Schematic Diagram dialog.
  5. In the New Schematic Diagram dialog, set the following properties:
    1. Schematic Dataset or Folder: Choose SpliceSchematics10 residing in your geodatabase.
    2. Schematic Diagram Template: Choose FiberSpliceDiagram
    3. For Output Data Frame: Choose Create New Data Frame
    4. For Schematic Diagram Name: Type a name, using the Splice name, for example

  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Splice Export dialog, choose a splice from the list, then click Export.
  8. The schematic opens in a new data frame. In the next topic, you update the symbology and then export it into the schematic template.

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