Define Default Symbology

You can update the symbology for your schematic diagram and then export it back into the schematic template. In this manner, all subsequent schematics respect your symbol and labeling decisions.

You can use the same lyr file for both the Fiber Trace and Circuit schematics diagrams, or you can create separate lyr files for each type.

  1. If necessary, open ArcMap and locate the schematic you generated in the previous topic.
  2. Using ArcMap properties including symbology and labeling, update the schematic diagram to a desired look and feel.

  3. Save this schematic as a layer file:
    1. In the Table of Contents, right-click the schematic's layer name and choose Save As Layer File.

    2. In the Save Layer window, find a location for the new file, name it, and click Save.
  4. Close ArcMap and open ArcCatalog. 
  5. In ArcCatalog, right-click the schematic dataset and click Edit.

  6. In the Schematic Dataset Editor, right-click the schematic Diagram and choose Import Default Symbology. 

  7. Navigate to the layer file you created earlier. Click Open. 
  8. In the Schematic Dataset Editor, click Save.

  9. Close the Schematic Dataset Editor and close ArcCatalog.
  10. Re-open ArcMap and generate another schematic to test your new default symbology, ideally using a different circuit or trace than before. If you notice gaps or feature types that were not included in the first attempt, simply repeat the steps above and import the symbology again.
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