• ObjectID fields are automatically created (by Esri) when you create the schema.

  • GlobalID fields are required by Fiber Manager and are created with Esri's Add Global ID tool (Manage > Add Global IDs).

  • GlobalID fields must also have the GLOBALID field model name assigned.

  • Enabled fields are automatically added/configured by the geometric network.

  • In ArcGIS applications, there are four numeric data types: Short Integer, Long Integer, Float, and Double. The choices reflect a balance between minimizing storage space while still allowing enough range and precision for the field to be useful. For example, because lengths typically have decimals, these fields are assigned either Float or Double.

    In the table below, any field set to integer does need to be either a Short or Long Integer, as these fields cannot contain decimals. So, the decision comes down to the minimum and maximum values you need for the field:

    • Short Integer Storable Range: -32,768 to 32,767

    • Long Integer Storable Range: -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647

    So, as an example, would you ever have more than 32,767 patch panels on a single rack? No. So, the RackPosition field for Patch Panels could be a Short Integer. Conversely, foot or meter stamps along a cable could exceed 32,767. So, CableMarking fields for fiber optic cables should be a Long Integer. Our integer recommendations err on the side of more range and usefulness, but your company could decide to change a Long Integer to a Short Integer (or a Double down to a Float) if you knew the maximum values would never exceed the types’ upper threshold.

Alias: Slack Loop

Type of features: ArcFM Simple Junction Feature

Geometric Network: Ultimately belongs to the Fiber_Network when you Create the Geometric Network later in these steps.


Data Type

Default Value







Alias: Rotation




Field Display

Primary Display Field: Choose this field in the ArcFM Properties Manager. The chosen field is displayed when using ArcFM tools such as the ArcFM Locator and ArcFM Attribute Editor. Your company can choose the most useful field to display for the end users. If the chosen field is null for the selected or identified features, the display field defaults to the ObjectID.

Model Names


Field Model Names




Object AutoUpdaters

On Feature Create: ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Length

On Feature Update: ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Length

On Feature Delete: ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Length

Field Autoupdaters

ChangeDate — On Feature Update: ArcFM Current Date

ChangeUser — On Feature Update: ArcFM Login User Name

CreationDate — On Feature Create: ArcFM Current Date

CreationUser — On Feature Create: ArcFM Login User Name

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