Possible Paths

The Possible Paths tool traces all available routes between two points in the fiber network using user-defined trace criteria (e.g., fiber count, owner, type). It is a helpful starting point when lighting new service or establishing a new circuit, as it confirms availability prior to any work being done.

You can configure the path criteria using the field model name FiberTwoPointTraceField. For example, the Owner field in the fiber optic cable feature class has this field model name, as seen in the following image:

Thus, Owner is a possible criterion (or filter) in the Possible Paths tool:

  • The Possible Paths tool works with feature classes, not object tables. In other words, assign the FiberTwoPointTraceField on the fiber optic cable feature class, not on the F_Fiber object table.

  • If the field with the FiberTwoPointTraceField model name is associated to a domain, that domain is presented to the user in the Possible Paths tool. If it is not associated to a domain, the user is able to type in the desired value in the Possible Paths tool.

  • The Possible Path tool snaps to points to determine the start and end of the path. You can control which points it snaps to using the class model name FiberTwoPointTracePoint. For example, in the sample data this model name is assigned to devices, splices, and patch locations.

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