Possible Paths Tool Settings

TIP: If you're creating an object class, skip the steps on this page. These settings apply only to features with spatial representation on the map.

The Possible Paths tool traces all available routes between two points in the fiber network using user-defined trace criteria (e.g., fiber count, owner, type). Additional traces can be performed with subsequent clicks in the map.

Be aware that the class model name is assigned to point feature classes that can be designated as the start and end points of the trace. The Possible Paths cursor will snap to point features with this model name assigned.

The field model name is assigned to fields on the linear feature classes that travel between the start and end points. The fields to which this field model name is assigned appear on the Trace Parameters form, which is used to define the criteria of the trace. In the image below, the field model name has been assigned to the TubeCount, OverheadUnderground, and CableType fields on the ABFCable feature class.

Assign To:

Data Type

Field Model Name

Class Model Name

Any point feature you want to participate in a Possible Paths trace

This feature may split cable lines.



Object Autoupdaters:

  • On Feature Create: ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Splitter

  • On Feature Update: ArcFM Fiber Optic Cable Splitter

Any field on a linear feature you wish to use in the Trace Parameter form

This feature will be considered for potential paths by the trace.

Any except Date


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