The ArcFM Fiber Object Deleted Autoupdater

Due to the relationship limitation that a child object can be in only one composite relationship, we need an autoupdater to handle the child delete process in simple relationships. This autoupdater is assigned directly against the feature class or object table in the On Feature Delete property. It is not assigned at the relationship. For example, look at the ArcFM Properties Manager for F_Rack in the following image:

This autoupdater accomplishes the same thing as a composite relationship: when you delete a parent record, the autoupdater deletes the related children, even if they are in a simple relationship.

The same autoupdater has three additional important jobs:

  • It deletes any connections that were made by the child records from the F_FIBERCONNECTIONOBJECT table.

  • It deletes any records in the F_CIRCUIT table associated with the deleted children.

  • It updates the Single and Multimode Availability Fields with correct counts.

This is an important consideration in every relationship, as you do not merely want the records deleted, but you also want the connections they made deleted too.

This leads to an important question: how does the autoupdater know which “path” to take when it wants to delete related child records, especially if the object is a child in many different relationships? Next, let’s talk about the the field model names FiberParentClassModelName and FiberParent.

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