The Autoupdater ArcFM Update Fiber Parent Field

The autoupdater ArcFM Update Fiber Parent Field is the grand coordinator of parent and child GUIDs and model names. When you sketch a fiber feature on the map, this autoupdater accomplishes two things:

  • It takes the GUID from the parent and places it in the child’s attribute table, specifically in the FIBERPARENT field.

  • It takes the model name that represents the parent and places it in the child’s attribute table, specifically in the FIBERPARENTCLASSMODELNAME field.

The following image of the F_BUFFERTUBE table is a good example because it shows the GUID in the FIBERPARENT field and the model name Sheath in the FIBERPARENTCLASSMODELNAME field:

TIP: The entire list of OOTB (out of the bow) model names is found in the help topic Fiber Object Class Model Names.

This autoupdater is set at the relationship level. There are not many autoupdaters for relationships, but this is one of them. For example, looking at the ArcFM Properties Manager for the cable and buffer tube relationship, we see it assigned at the On Relationship Created level:

In summary:

  • Every fiber relationship that involves a parent and child needs this autoupdater.

  • Sibling relationships do not need this autoupdater (for example, the frontport_backport relationship does not need this autoupdater because they are “siblings,” not parents/children).

So, that settles the parent fields, but what about those “Child” and “This” fields? How do they get their model names? The answer is deceptively simple...field defaults.

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