Use Composite for the Most Common Parent/Child Relationship Combination

It is true that, with the autoupdaters and model names described in the previous topics, technically all your fiber relationships could be set to simple. When you delete a parent, the autoupdaters and model names would clean up the children and their connections. However, the performance benefit of using composite relationships is they simply delete faster. Given that each child is only allowed up to one composite relationship, we recommend the following tip:

TIP: For each child, determine its most common parent relationship and create that one as composite. And for all others, use simple.

As an example, think about a device. A device is a child in many relationships: rack_device, device location_device, shelf_device, patch panel_device, etc. At your company, you would decide which is the most common parent of devices. Let’s say you pick racks. In that case, the rack_device relationship gets to be composite, while all other relationships where device is the child are set to simple. Again, in this manner, the delete process for the most common relationship gets the performance benefit of composite relationships, but in all cases, the autoupdaters and model names are still critical for the connection clean-up process.

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