Abandon and Remove to Object Class

This Abandon and Remove method allows you to abandon a feature to a specific object class (table) and remove the feature from the map. The configurations for this abandon method is discussed on this page. In this discussion, the destination feature is the Abandoned/Removed object class to which existing features are abandoned. The source is the feature class that is being abandoned (e.g., distribution main, fuse).

  1. If the destination object class doesn't exist, you may need to create it in ArcCatalog. The ArcFM sample data provides abandoned object classes such as: AbandonedRemovedGasDevice, AbandonedRemovedWaterPipe, AbandonedRemvdElecLineSegment. While you can abandon to an object class, no examples are provided in the sample data.
  2. Right-click the object class that will be the destination of the abandoned features (e.g., AbandonedRemovedGasDevice).
  3. Select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  4. On the Model Names tab, assign the MMREMOVED model name (from the Domain Independent Object Class Model Name domain).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Right-click the feature class that will be abandoned (the Source class). You may designate multiple feature classes as Sources.
  7. Select ArcFM Properties Manager.
  8. On the Model Names tab, assign the MMREMOVABLE model name (from the Domain Independent Object Class Model Name domain). The feature class will then be displayed in the Remove window of the Abandon Tool Options in ArcMap and can be selected to be abandoned and removed.
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Select the Abandon Info tab of the ArcFM Properties Manager.
  11. Select the Abandon and Remove To field. Set this field to the object class to which features will be abandoned. You may view abandoned and removed features in a table format. Add the Abandoned/Removed table to the map. Right-click the Abandoned/Removed object class on the Display tab and select Open.
    NOTE: You may transfer attribute values to the destination object class when a feature is abandoned or abandoned and removed. Use the AT_ model names to do this. Detailed information is available on the Transfer Attribute Values page.
  12. Click OK.
    NOTE: You may assign Abandon settings by Subtype. Select a value from the Subtype field, then assign the Abandon settings. Do this for each subtype you want to abandon.
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