Basic Redliner

Basic Redliner enhances the view-only functionality with the ability to place redline graphics. These graphics may be sent between the enterprise and field.

Required Licenses in the Field: Redliner Extension and ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine or ArcFM Viewer

Field Databases: Backdrop, Login (optional), Process Framework (e.g., Session Manager or Workflow Manager)

Perform the following steps to configure Basic Redliner.

Step 1: Set Up Directory Structure

Step 2: Create Backdrop Database

Optional: Create Login Database

IMPORTANT: The Login database is necessary only if you wish to provide the field user with user/system favorites. If you aren't using favorites, there's no need for the Login database. If you have no login database, graphic favorites can be imported into the Backdrop.

Step 3: Create Session Manager Databases

Step 4: Create Replicas

Step 5: Set Up Mobile Synchronizer

Step 6: Deploy to Multiple Client Machines

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