Basic Designer Configuration

The sample data provided with the ArcFM Solution makes extensive use of model names and autoupdaters to support the functionality of tools and components that make editing more productive in ArcMap. This topic lists the feature classes and fields to which model names and autoupdaters are assigned in a database such as Minerville_Designer. This page gives the basic configuration for Designer. The basic ArcFM configuration must be performed in addition. Designer tools like Cable Pulling require additional configuration. See the Configuring ArcFM Solution section for information about configuring specific Designer tools.

If you are converting an ArcFM geodatabase to Designer, you must first create the ArcFM Solution system tables (four Designer-specific tables are added) and convert them to Designer objects.

All Datasets

All feature classes


Design feature class

Assign the model name DESIGN

WorkLocation feature class

Assign the model name WORKLOCATION

WorkRequest feature class

Assign the model name WORKREQUEST

Assign the MM Workrequest Workflow Status domain to the WORKFLOWSTATUS field

IMPORTANT: A lookup based on the WL model name is not performed.


Feature Classes to remain unposted

The MMDONOTPOST model name may be assigned to any feature class that you wish to NOT be included when posting a design. This model name should be assigned ONLY to features that are not maintained in the geodatabase and exist within the design only for the lifetime of the design (e.g., Work Locations).

Automatically assign "remove" work function to banked feature classes

The work function for a banked feature class (e.g. transformer) will be updated to "remove" if ALL the units' (e.g. transformer units) work functions under the feature are set to "remove" AND the REMOVEBANK model name is assigned to that banked feature class. If the work function is not set to "remove" for ALL units under the banked feature class, the banked feature class work function will be set to "replace" regardless of whether the REMOVEBANK model name is assigned to that banked feature class.

IMPORTANT: Compatible units are added to your geodatabase and a CU library is created in the WMS database during your implementation. It is critical that the CUs used in your geodatabase have corresponding records in the WMS database, linked via unique WMS codes. If you choose to use the sample data included with the ArcFM Solution installation, you must also use the WorkflowManager.mdb.
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