Close Express Design with GDBM

Closes an express design and supports integration with Geodatabase Manager. Geodatabase Manager provides the GDBM Set Posting Priority which reconciles and posts designs using a batch process.


  • MMWorkflowManager must be the current extension.

  • The node passed to this subtask is an express design node.

  • Workflow Manager must be open through ArcMap.

  • An express design must be open in ArcMap.


  1. Prompts the user to save any outstanding edits.

  2. Checks for conflicts.

  3. Reconciles and posts the design.

  4. Closes the express design.

  5. Sets the PxApplication on the Process Framework Tasks tool extension to nothing.

  6. Enables the Stored Items tools.


  • Priority: Sets the post priority on the version. The default is 0, which is the lowest priority.

  • ShowMessages: Determines whether message boxes are displayed should problems occur while the subtasks are executing. The default setting is True. If the user sets this value to False, message boxes are not displayed, but messages are still logged. 

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