Configure Duct Size Options

To allow the ability to place ducts within ducts in your geodatabase, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following field model names to the Electric Field Model Name domain. If you are using the sample data, this field model name may already exist in that domain.



  2. Add the following fields to the DuctDefinition object class.

    Field Name

    Data Type



    text, float, or double

    ULS Size


    text, float, or double

    ULS Size Actual

  3. Assign the following model names.

    DuctDefinition object class


    Field Model Name

    Custom Field Editor



    ArcFM Duct Size Editor




    * NOTE: The ActualSize field allows the user to store the actual size of the duct and place a duct of relative size on the map. This field is not required to place ducts within ducts.

  4. When placing a duct within a duct, the user must choose a duct that is smaller than the master duct. To restrict the duct size the user can choose to place within the master duct, assign the ArcFM Duct Size field editor to the DuctSize field (field with the DUCTSIZE field model name) on the Duct Definition object class. Field editors may be assigned on the Field Info tab in the ArcFM Properties Manager.
    NOTE: When the ACTUALDUCTSIZE field model name is present, Conduit Manager tracing ignores the DuctSize field and instead calculates sizes based on the value in the field to which the ACTUALDUCTSIZE field model name is assigned.
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