Configure Analysis Tools

Analysis tools allow you to perform 'what-if' scenarios. Before using any of the analysis calculators provided with Designer, they must be configured.

These analysis tools rely on lookup tables in the EngAnalysisLookupTables.mdb. This database is available along with the sample data. There are several ways you may use these tables.

  • Use the existing database: Administrators may use Access (not ArcCatalog) to replace values in these tables to correspond to specific utility requirements or standards. To provide your users with a separate set of tables containing these customized values, provide a path to the EngAnalysisLookupTables.mdb in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Miner and Miner > WOW6432Node > Designer8 > LookupDB. Double-click DBPath and type the path in the Value window.

    • If using a 32–bit machine, there is no WOW6432Node in the registry.

  • Import into another Access database: Using Access, an administrator may copy and paste these tables from the EngAnalysisLookupTables.mdb into another Access database.

  • Import into SDE database: An administrator may import these tables into an SDE geodatabase using the import data tool provided with the RDBMS or with ArcCatalog. If importing into an SDE geodatabase, the tables must be owned by the SDE user. If the RDBMS is a SQL server, then the tables must be created in the SDE geodatabase.

The model name ARCFMSYSTEMTABLE must be assigned to each table in the EngAnalysisLookupTables.mdb. It is important to note that the engineering lookup tables are read only from the database to which the user logs in.

Each analysis tool uses separate tables within the EngAnalysisLookupTables.mdb. The links below describe the tables used by each analysis tool and how those tables must be configured.

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